Aug-2017ICLE project – Mzi and Sbosh travel to Italy, including Reggio Emilia
May-2018Meeting with the Samora Team on business model
Jun-2018AREA Conference in Johannesburg: Reinventing the role of the teacher
Jul-2018Meeting with the Samora Team on market research
Aug-2018Meeting with architect to discuss first sketch for the building and provisional costing
Aug-2018Meeting with the Samora Team on studies, fundraising, building sketch
Sep-2018Fundation of Friends of Thandolwethu NPO and application for registration with SocialĀ  Development Department
Oct-2018Visit to Reggio Emilia – request of patronage, visit to Centro Loris Malaguzzi
Oct-2018Meeting with architect to review building project
Jan-2019Obtained the official patronage of the City of Reggio Emilia
Jan-2019Meeting with the Samora Team on: fundraising, business plan timeline, co-design workshop for October
Jun-2019Meeting with the Samora Team on: evaluating our recent events, sharing vision, re-focusing
Jun-2019Paid first year University fees for Wendy’s Bachelor of Education DegreeĀ 
Aug-2019Meeting with the Samora Team on: studies, co-design workshop, visit to U-Turn second-hand shop
Sep-2019First anniversary: solidarity lunch at Lapo’s Kitchen
Nov-2019Annual General Meeting approving our first financial report